Yep, I use Windows. Here’s why

I first began using a computer when I was in elementary school. Since that time I’ve had too many machines to reliably count. I’ve also tried a variety of operating systems. Two and a half years ago I switched to Windows as my main one. I sometimes get confused looks and occasionally get scoffed at for it. I have my own bias as well where I feel like I need to explain myself (such as in posts like this).

I made a conscious decision when I switched. It did help though that the Surface Pro 3 was a great machine when I made the switch, but more importantly I decided I should be using the same OS as the main users I’m trying to reach. In my time working all over the world in tech, never have the marginalized people I aim to help been running a Mac or Linux. What they do have however is technical problems I can help them solve. I find this faster and more efficient by using Windows everyday and understanding how it works well.

There are probably others out there that are able to just run Windows sometimes for testing or remember enough from before to be efficient. I’m just not one of those people.

Typed from a new machine running Windows


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