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We have a combined 35 years of experience helping NGOs better use technology and keep their people safe will achieving their mission.

Geospatial data collection and analysis

Most data today has a geospatial component. We can help you choose the right tools for data collection, assist in training data collectors and design methods of data analysis. Types of geospatial projects our team has been involved in previously:

  • Development of geospatial data sharing platforms
  • Collection of building information to determine potential impact of disasters
  • An effort to collect neighborhood boundaries in Jakarta to report flooding
  • Strategy for working in OpenStreetMap communities
  • Collection of informal land rights information

Holistic organizational security

NGOs have both a legal and ethical duty of care to their staff and volunteers. Ensuring teams are trained prior to a crisis is crucial to keep people safe. We provide the following security-related services:

  • Crisis response planning and training
  • Security process audits
  • Mentorship of staff to become security leaders

NGO Governance and Strategy

Our team has experience as NGO board members, executives and founders in both early stage and established organizations. Our NGO Governance and Strategy services include:

  • Recruiting and mentoring of new board members
  • Development of organizational strategy
  • Fundraising

Open source strategy

Our team has spent more than a 20 years using and contributing to open source software projects. Open source is not just about the license for software, to successfully use, implement and release such software a strategy is needed. We can help you with:

  • Using open source software
  • Contributing to open source projects
  • Open source community management
  • Planning and hosting open source conferences
  • Releasing existing code as open source
  • Code of conduct development and response process development

Projects we’ve been involved in include OpenStreetMap, InaSAFE, QGIS

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